First Camping Trip 2022

I grabbed by backpack of camping gear and headed to Cedar Hill State Park just outside of Dallas Texas for a solo camping trip.

The weather report said it would be good weather on Saturday and Sunday it would rain. I knew what I was heading into and just wanted to lounge around in the hammock with the sound of rain against the tarp.

Saturday went well as I setup camp, took a nap, say by the first during the night and then went to sleep. I was warm and cozy in the hammock and didn’t need much to stay way. I only had a sleeping pad (blue foam), a sleeping bag a few blankets to keep warm for the night. None of which was really needed as the night was warm enough to go without the blankets but the bad and sleeping bag kept me from suffering from Cold Butt Syndrom (CBS). Sunday rained on and off most of the day but I managed to stay dry without issue. Sunday night was not like Saturday.

During the night, the temperature started to fall. I remembered looking at the forecast and it was to stay in the 60’s but that didn’t happen. The temperature plummeted into the 30s and I was not equipped for this kind of weather. I was ok in the hammock but my butt was sure cold. No matter how I positioned myself, I was either cold on my back or my side. No amount of blanket, sleeping pad or sleeping bag was going to keep me warm. I had to admit defeat and curl up in the back of my SUV which was less comfortable than the hammock but much warmer.

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Due to the conditions I experienced, I have learned that a sleeping bad isn’t a replacement for a good under-quilt. As soon as I returned, I placed an order for a new under-quilt which I will reveal at a later date as well as a wintersock and a top-quilt. This will help keep my warmer than I had been on that Sunday night which I only have myself to blame.

Another issue I found was that a lot of the trees weren’t suitable for hanging my hammock. I did find two trees to hang from but that did cause me to hang the suspension a little higher than I would usually. I always keep and eye out for dead branches or dead trees when hanging and there were a good amount of them. To help combat this, I have bought a Tensa Solo to give me more options for hanging my hammock and I will review that in the near future along with the winter gear.

All in all, I had fun even with the about issues. I was cold but I was still smiling in the hammock while I was hanging. I will just plan better for future trips should I run into unexpected weather.