About Moto Larry

I’m Larry and I love to ride motorcycles, the outdoors and I really like hammock camping which is why I decided to put together this site or “blog” for others to enjoy. With this site, I will write about my travels, camping and provide enough pictures to at least make it sound interesting to the average person.

Outside the site, I work in the Big Data industry and I help engineer cloud solutions to keep our product online for other customers. This ties me to a desk about 40 to 60 hours a week which is why I need the escape.

I am married and I have six children of various ages and they are my world.

I ride a 2015 Ultra Limited Low which fits my needs when I’m on long trips. It does really well on short trips too since it’s the only motorcycle I currently have.

Harley-Davidson 2015 Ultra Limited

When I’m on a super long trip and need to carry food and additional camping comforts, I pull a Cycle Mate CM 2000 Ltd. trailer. I prefer to keep things light when I can but if I’m going to go hundreds of miles and camp, I want comfort and this allows for a lot more options.

Cycle Mate CM 2000 Ltd.